Check energy consumption when you replace your household appliances. Try and think longer term! When the time comes to replace your refrigerator, washing machine or other appliance, read the label. Most appliances now have energy rating information on them. If they don't, check the manufacturer's website which will almost certainly have the information. We work with several appliance shops here in the Red Bank, Monmouth County area that would be glad to help you. Chances are that spending an extra few dollars today on a higher efficiency product will save much more than that in future energy costs.

Turn off decorative outdoor natural gas lamps. It is said that eight such lamps burning year-round use as much natural gas as it takes to heat an average-size home during an entire winter. It makes sense to replace them with Electric lampposts that use less energy, emit more light and can be controlled with timers or photocells.

Live warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. Programmable thermostats are an easy and effective way to regulate and manage the temperature of your house. Even a one degree change on your heating or air conditioning thermostat will make a difference to your energy bills.

LED Holiday Lights Versus Traditional Holiday Lights

Current Total after 759 Hours

Christmas Tree with lights
Lights KW Usage Price Per KW Total Engergy Cost
240 LED Bulbs 7.36 $0.166 $1.22
250 Mini Incandescent Lights 71.10 $0.166 $11.80

New Jersey Holiday Begins Earlier Every Year

Here in New Jersey the holiday season begins earlier every year. I personally observed two merchants, in Little Silver and Middletown, stringing up Christmas lights in October. "Christmas in October?", I said to the merchant. "It Can't come soon enough", he replied. With such a long holiday season and most people tightening their budgets, we've decided to try an energy saving experiment and see just how much of a savings LED holiday lighting provides compared to the typical incandescent twinkle lights.

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