Home Inspection and Electrical Repairs

When selling or buying a home you should be ready for the home inspection. Chances are good that prospective buyers are going to want your home thoroughly inspected by a professional home inspector on their behalf and corrections completed on all code violations. After all, buying a home is no small investment and most buyers want to make sure they are purchasing a sound investment.

Electrical violations are often the most common problems that arise during a professional New Jersey home inspection. Some of the more common electrical violations include:

  • Lack of GFCI protection
  • Improper grounding
  • Double tapped electrical panels
  • Open or no junction boxes
  • No covers for the electrical panels
  • Broken or poorly installed smoke and carbon detectors
  • Open knockouts
  • Open grounds
  • Reverse polarity
  • Fuses need to be changed to breakers
  • Service entrance conductors need repair
  • Corrosion in the electrical system
  • Knob and tube wiring
  • Aluminum wiring

You will need Grimaldi Electric, your licensed Monmouth County, New Jersey Electrical contractor to look into your home's electrical system to make sure everything is in order. Realize that a poor report from a professional home inspector can have a huge impact on the sale of your home. We recommend Fixing the electrical violations in your home immediately. The code violations are going to have to be fixed. Why not make your home safer now for yourself and repair the violations that may scare away potential buyers. Have our certified, licensed and insured electrician inspect your home, do any repairs and bring your violations up to electrical code before you invite prospective buyers (and their home inspectors) in.

Call Grimaldi Electric, your Monmouth County electrical code violation repair experts today! (732) 747-2446