Picture Lighting

Picture LightingLighting pictures is a great way to accentuate the color and detail of your artwork. Many homeowners are victims of the myth that natural sunlight is the best way to illuminate pictures. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation from the sun can damage your artwork and turn a picture lighting project into a complete disaster. Insufficient light fixtures do not make up for this problem. Many bulbs produce ultraviolet radiation and can produce the same type of damage that would occur if you left your pictures hanging under natural sunlight.

At Grimaldi Electric we recommend that you get quality picture lights that are safe for your art work. One Method of illuminating your artwork is with recessed lighting. Pin lights with MR 16 bulbs or recessed fixtures with gimbal and eyeball trims are frequently used to accomplish this. Most art galleries, consultants, and homeowners tend to use surface mounted lights. These lights are cord and plug connected and attached to the frame of the artwork. Our Electricians place the receptacle behind your painting, hiding any unsightly cords. We also like to install a switch, making it simple to control the outlet for your frame mounted picture light.Picture Lighting brings life to your artwork and adds a touch of soft brilliance to your home environment. Let Grimaldi Electric add life to your New Jersey home.